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Podcasting is becoming a popular term among technologically savvy individuals. It is described as an online audio content delivered through an RSS feed. Several people relate to podcasting to radio on demand. In reality, podcasting provides a lot of several options in terms of programming and content compared to the standard radio. You can use and make podcast by simply following a few guidelines. Here are some tips to start with.

The Uses

Podcasting can be used for playing music, such as band promotional interviews and clips. It can be used for self-guided walking tours, since it gives informational content. It can help in training courses by providing instructional and informational materials. It can help in talk shows by featuring investor news, news coverage, commentaries and industry and organizational news. Podcast can also be used for story telling for kids and individuals who are visually impaired.

The podcast is a program, may be video or audio, that is made available as a downloadable digital file. It is often a spoken word, usually released through periods as part of a series and also frequently offered through web syndication. The podcast is a collection of all episodes and shows of a given program series that is delivered this way. The person creating the content is called a podcaster and the method is known as podcasting.

Creating the Podcast

To create a podcast, you need to record a minimum of one "episode" of the program. Audio is usually the show in most podcasts. You will need a program that supports mp3 format audio to get to the biggest audience. There are a few excellent free programs available that you can easily download online. Save the finished episode as an mp3 file. Upload the mp3 files to the website. In the tutorial, you should have uploaded the files to a folder named podcasts found inside the main web directory.

Instead of following the final steps, you can also opt to use the feedburner service. Feedburner will simplify the function of making podcast RSS feeds. As soon as you familiarize yourself with the process you will realize that podcasting becomes relatively easy. Start a text editor then copy and paste the following information. Edit the title element to describe the show you are featuring, then alter the link to lead to the show's home page on the internet.

Final Notes

It is important to note that after you copy and paste, you have to carefully check to ensure that none of the punctuation has changed during the pasting process. A number of text editors and web browsers do not cooperate together. If the punctuation is wrong, use the text editor to fix or your podcast will not work. Change the URL attribute of the enclosure to accurately match the file name of the mp3 file of the first episode. Correct the URL to match the setup. Change the length attribute of the enclosure element to match the size of the mp3 file of the first episode in bytes. Commas should not be used.

Helping Users

You can instruct users how to manually subscribe to the podcast through podcatcher programs. You can register it also using a podcasting service. You can help users subscribe manually by displaying the URL of the file on the web page then remind users about the steps. Pull down the Advanced menu, choose subscribe to podcast, past the RSS feed URL into the box then finally click OK.

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How to Create a Podcast

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