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Podcast Supply Preferences & Receive Revenue

A Podcast is similar to a broadcast with a few major differences. The Podcast is a series of downloadable files that can be stored in a portable player, such as an iPod or other MP3 player. These files are downloaded and can be listened to anytime, anywhere and without restrictions. Since this is a world of freedom consumers really like this and that is the reason that Podcasts are growing by leaps and bounds right now. A blogger or site owner trying to make some money can build a large traffic base through the use of Podcasting, because it delivers variety, no restrictions and basically fulfills the wants of the consumer.

Can Podcasts Be Anything

There is little limit or boundaries for bloggers that want to supply Podcasts to their viewers. Just about anyone that owns a microphone and internet can make a digital or video file that can be downloaded into computers and MP3 players around the world. This can be anything from educational information, movies, music to just about anything else imaginable. This allows freedom that normal radio, television or other traditional means cannot supply. Remember broadcasting plays or shows the same things over and over, if a consumer wants to hear or see something they do not have that liberty. That is one of the major positives of Podcasts, because consumers can pick and choose, without regards to someone else's programming schedule.

Supplying Podcasts On A Blog

Simply supplying Podcasts on a blog is not going to produce money by itself. Now eventually with enough choice, popularity and traffic it will, however one must develop a good traffic base first. The Podcast like any other product can be used to drive people to a blog though. After all consumers are looking for specifics so if it is supplied on that blog, they will visit. This is also where the blog can become profitable as well. Membership or per download fees can be included so that the blog owner is generating revenue.

Podcasts at this point are not regulated by the FCC, some say that it is a matter of time before they regulate the field; however at this time bloggers are free to share or charge for downloadable Podcasts. People love entertainment and this is supplying them with information to take along with them throughout their daily journey! Good bye radio because choices have arrived through Podcast technology.

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Podcasting Supply Preferences

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This article was published on 2010/03/30